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The Central Corridor Funders Collaborative is a group of local and national funders working with others to unlock the transformative potential of the new light rail transit line along the Central Corridor between Saint Paul and Minneapolis.

We formed the Funders Collaborative because we believe in the Central Corridor Light Rail Line’s potential for benefiting the people and places closest to the line. We envision stable, thriving neighborhoods throughout the Central Corridor that reflect community identities and link all people to regional opportunities and local amenities.

The Funders Collaborative, through its Catalyst Fund, expects to invest $20 million over 10 years. To date, we have raised $5 million to invest in corridor-wide strategies, planning and action that address corridor-wide benefits, and supported the formation of several multi-sector partnerships that are pursuing these benefits.

Envisioned as a ten-year initiative, the Funders Collaborative supplements the programs and investment of the individual member foundations. We welcome additional members interested in identifying, sharing and implementing best practices related to regional transportation planning and transit-oriented development and how they benefit low-income residents.


What We Do

We work with others — local resident organizations, community groups, nonprofit and business coalitions, and public agencies — to create and implement corridor-wide strategies aimed at ensuring the adjoining neighborhoods, residents and businesses broadly share in the benefits of public and private investment in the Central Corridor Light Rail Line.

We seek to achieve positive outcomes and measurable results in four areas of activity:


How We Work

We carry out our work by:

  • Promoting learning so decisions affecting the Corridor are well informed and far-sighted.
  • Building shared solutions through learning, the creation of corridor-wide strategies and goals, innovative thinking, and effective implementation.
  • Investing capital in strategies and policies and programs aimed at achieving corridor-wide benefits.

The work is informed by these values:

  • Participation. Corridor-wide strategies are most effective when created through partnerships that incorporate community resident-led planning and include participation by government, business, advocates, foundations, and neighborhood institutions.
  • Fairness. Everyone in the neighborhoods affected by development should be treated fairly and benefits should include the interests of low-income residents.
  • Comprehensive Solutions. The best approaches recognize inter-related issues, cross-geographic boundaries and reflect shared aspirations.
  • Sustainability. Social and economic benefits are more enduring and deeply felt when they consider, and are integrated with, environmental goals.
  • Healthy Living. Optimal community health is achieved when there is a deliberate connection between health and social, economic and environmental solutions.