The Big Picture Project

Building on the work of many different organizations, the Big Picture Project facilitated a process with a wide-range of stakeholders that produced a “Central Corridor Affordable Housing Coordinated Plan” in 2012. This plan incorporated elements of the dozens of existing plans, maps, and data related to affordable housing along the corridor and offered a set of recommendations that focus investments and policies on making the area a better place to live, work, and raise a family.

Working group Participants Included:

Denise Beigbeder, Ramsey County, Community and Economic Development
Wes Butler, Minneapolis, Community Planning and Economic Development
Al Carlson, St. Paul, Planning and Economic Development
*Cam Gordon, Minneapolis City Council
Katy Lindblad, Minnesota Housing
Beth Reetz, Metropolitan Council
*Russ Stark, St. Paul City Council
Carol Stinar, Hennepin County, Housing, Community Works, and Transit

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The plan provides a coordinated set of strategies and supporting policies that can guide government, community, finance, and development partners toward achieving a range of affordable housing options. Specifically, the Coordinated Plan outlines three objectives:

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