Capturing the Green Line on Camera

March 4, 2015


Looking to take a virtual tour of some of the places along the Green Line?  Today, we bring you a handful of great videos showcasing the neighborhoods, people, businesses and places that call the Green Line home.  Enjoy and be sure to share your favorites with us by emailing them to Kalia at!


A Walk Through the Creative Enterprise Zone – From the intersection of Raymond and University Avenues, the Creative Enterprise Zone radiates south to Interstate 94, east to Prior Avenue, north to the railroad tracks by Energy Park Drive, and west to Minneapolis.  For the past thirty years, this neighborhood has been home to a wide variety of creative businesses—from artists to architects, entrepreneurs, and manufacturers. 


Springboard for the Arts: The Light Rail Shuffle – Check out the signature dance move of the Green Line, courtesy of Irrigate Artist and Choreographer Dianne E'Laine.  It’s not just for construction season!


WANDERINGS | Little Mekong Night Market by Yer Vang – This past summer, the Little Mekong District hosted the first set of Night Markets – full of art, food, and entertainment celebrating the cultures of southeast Asia.  Mark your calendars and don’t miss out on the 2015 Night Market, opening July 3-4 & August 7-8.