Central Corridor Community Agreement

By Carol Swensen

Over the past year, community members, businesses, organizations, and elected officials have come together in a variety of settings—two Central Corridor Community Summits and several smaller Community Compact Exploratory Talks—to discuss how we can work together to ensure that all neighborhoods and communities along the Central Corridor benefit equitably from Light Rail Transit investment and the development that follows.  These discussions culminated at an August 10, 2009 Community Assembly where it was agreed to create a Central Corridor Community Agreement(s) to realize this goal.

On Sunday, March 28, 2010, the greater Central Corridor Community is being assembled again, this time to set in motion creation of the Central Corridor Community Agreement(s).  The primary work of the Assembly is to endorse a Coordinating Committee to implement and oversee this initiative.

The Community Agreement(s) will build on a great deal of work that is already underway around affordable housing, equitable development, small business support, workforce training and hiring,  minority- and women-owned business contracting, energy and environment, neighborhood livability, transportation equity, and public art. 

The purpose of the agreement(s) is to:
•    Articulate a shared vision and set of development principles that draw from community process and planning work to date;
•    Formalize commitments to invest in that vision;
•    Serve as a basis for coordination, collaboration, transparency, and communication; and
•    Hold partners accountable to their commitments.

The August 2009 Community Assembly envisioned a broad-based and inclusive Coordinating Committee heading up the Community Agreement(s) initiative.  The Assembly created a Nominating Committee, to be convened by the District Councils Collaborative of Saint Paul and Minneapolis, and charged it with preparing a slate of Coordinating Committee candidates for endorsement at a future assembly.

The Nominating Committee, which consists of representatives from community-based organizations and elected bodies, is proposing a 30-member Coordinating Committee composed of 20 community representatives, to be endorsed at the March 28 Assembly, and 10 appointed representatives — eight from local governments and one each from the Metropolitan Council and the University of Minnesota.  (There will be three open seats on the community slate, which will be filled with nominations from the floor.)

For more information about the Community Agreement(s) initiative, please contact Carol Swenson, Executive Director of District Councils Collaborative of Saint Paul and Minneapolis at 651-249-6877 or carol@dcc-stpaul-mpls.org or go to www.dcc-stpaul-mpls.org.

Download flyer to join us at the community meeting this Sunday, March 28.

Members of the Community Agreement(s) Nominating Committee
Anne White, Chair, Central Corridor Community Agreement Nominating Committee; Union Park District
Council, Saint Paul; Chair, District Councils Collaborative Governing Council
Phil Anderson, Prospect Park East River Road Improvement Association and District Councils
Collaborative Governing Council Member
Melvin Carter, III, Saint Paul Council Member
Toni Carter, Ramsey County Commissioner
Diane Dube, Wm Mitchell Law School, Community Development Clinic
Metric Giles, Community Stabilization Project
Cam Gordon, Minneapolis Council Member
Nancy Homans, Mayor Chris Coleman’s Office
Mona Langston, Housing Preservation Project
Vic Rosenthal, Jewish Community Action
Hussein Samatar, African Development Center
John Slade, MICAH
Russ Stark, Saint Paul Council Member