Central Corridor Leaders Contribute to an Exciting National Dialogue at Rail~Volution’s 2012 Conference in Los Angeles

by: Dan Bartholomay, Chief Executive Officer, Rail~Volution
September 20, 2012

Rail~Volution 2012 is fast approaching! This year’s conference will be from October 14th to 17th in Los Angeles, California. Rail~Volution is a network, movement and conference that brings together passionate people, like those working to make the Central Corridor a success, who want to engage in thoughtful discussion about building livable communities with transit. Conference goers are citizen activists, developers, business leaders, planners, local elected officials, transit operators, government officials and more, dedicated to creating healthy, economically vibrant, socially equitable and environmentally sustainable communities with transit. We come together each year – from more than 300 communities, towns and regions of all sizes and shapes – to share ideas and breakthroughs, frustrations and inspiration.

As the CEO of Rail~Volution based in Minneapolis, it’s a privilege to expand my knowledge and impact by working with visionaries from across the country who are leading the movement to build livable communities with transit. At the same time, I am proud to be a part of the leadership in Minneapolis/St. Paul that is showing the way. The Central Corridor of our region is gaining national attention as a place where residents, non-profits, public leaders, community groups and other stakeholders are experimenting with new approaches to solving difficult problems and to creating new opportunities.

This fact is borne out by the growing numbers of speakers from the Minneapolis/St. Paul region being featured at Rail~Volution this year! An impressive group of leaders from all sectors will be participating.  Susan Haigh will focus on best practices in Transit Oriented Development and Charlie Zelle will participate at the closing plenary. Katie Walker will grapple with how stakeholders can influence transit design while Russ Adams will share tools for regional coalition building. Their involvement and others will make a powerful contribution to the substance of the conference.

The full list of speakers and sessions with connections to the Central Corridor (below) shows how involved our region will be at the conference. Given the high level engagement, it’s no wonder why the Minneapolis/St. Paul region applied for and was selected to host the Rail~Volution 2014 conference!  To be held in September, it will be an excellent opportunity to showcase the vitality of our community and the positive outcomes resulting from hard work of those striving to build livable communities with transit, in our region.     

  • Cliff Garten, (Cliff Garten Studio) speaker, “The Art of Transit” session.
  • Jim McDonough, (County Commissioner and Chair of Ramsey County Regional Rail Authority) speaker, “Mixing it Up in Transit Hubs” session.
  • Anne White, (District Councils Collaborative of Saint Paul and Minneapolis) speaker, “Extending the Reach of Rail with Biking and Walking: The Fundamentals” session.
  • Erik Takeshita, (Local Initiatives Support Corporation) speaker, “The Art of Transit” session.
  • Jonathan Sage-Martinson, (Central Corridor Funders Collaborative) speaker,  “Indicators of Success: How Do You Measure a Livable Community?” and “Finance: New Fund Sources” sessions.
  • Polly Talen, (John S. and James L. Knight Foundation) speaker, “Going the Extra Mile: Building Sustainable Communities with Philanthropy” session.
  • Peter McLaughlin, (Hennepin County Commissioner) moderator, “Sue Me/Sue Me Not: Turning Doubters into Believers” session.
  • Susan Haigh, (Metropolitan Council Chair) moderator,  “TOD and Joint Development: What's the Best Organizational Approach?” session.
  • Katie Walker, (Southwest LRT Community Works Manager, Hennepin County) speaker, “How Can Stakeholders Influence Transit Design?” session.
  • Repa Mekha, (Nexus Community Partners) speaker, “How Can Stakeholders Influence Transit Design?” session.
  • David Van Hattum, (Transit for Livable Communities) speaker, “Pulling Together: Lessons in Transportation Advocacy” session.
  • Russ Adams, (Alliance for Metropolitan Stability) speaker, “Feel the [Regional Coalition] Power!” session.
  • Mark Vander Schaaf, (Metropolitan Council) speaker, “Innovative Regional Partnerships: Mirage or Reality?” session.
  • Julie Wischnack, (City of Minnetonka) speaker, “Working Together: No Longer an Afterthought” session.
  • Laura Zabel, (Springboard for the Arts) moderator, “The Art of Transit” session.
  • Charlie Zelle, (Jefferson Lines) speaker, “New Tools to Build Your Funding Case” and “Creating Livable Communities with Transit: Three Ways to Measure the Success of our Movement” session
  • Guy Peterson, (Metropolitan Council) speaker, “Finance: New Fund Sources” session.

Los Angeles is doing amazing work and the conference is shaping up to be one of the best.  All in all, it promises to be an informative and inspiring event!  I hope you will consider joining us.  Register now for the conference or follow us on Facebook and on our website at http://www.railvolution.org/

See you in Los Angeles!