Construction Workforce and Contracting Inclusion: 2012 2nd Quarter Update


One way the Funders Collaborative supports a Strong Local Economy is by working with others to ensure that the construction opportunities of the Central Corridor project are shared throughout the community. It is important that small disadvantaged businesses are included in the contracts and that people of color and women are included in the hiring process. By establishing a diverse workforce, we can continue to work towards a Corridor that is a place of opportunity for all.         

As established by the State of Minnesota, all major companies working on construction of the line have contractual requirements for 1) working with Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBE) as subcontractors and 2) hiring minorities and women on their workforce. Progress toward achieving these goals is tracked at monthly meetings of the Joint Committee on Equal Opportunity and Disadvantaged Business Enterprises. The Committee, which is comprised of individuals from construction firms, unions, construction training organizations, community advocates, and local, state and federal governmental units, meets monthly to track progress. The group also works collectively on finding solutions to achieving goals. One solution, LRTWorks, was highlighted in a recent Funders Collaborative blog.

Workforce Inclusion

All construction companies working on the CCLRT project have the same workforce inclusion goals set in their contract:
– to hire minorities to work at least 18% of the hours worked on the contract and
– to hire women to work at least 6% of the hours worked on the contract. 

Table 1 below shows current workforce inclusion percentages, as of work completed through the end of July. 

Table 1
Contractor Hours worked by minorities as % of total hours (18% goal) Hours worked by women as % of total hours (6% goal) Cumulative work done through
Ames/McCrossan 19.7% 8.1% 7/31/2012
Walsh 18.41% 6.08% 7/31/2012
Aldridge/Collisys 9.7% 5.8% 7/31/2012
PCL 18.28% 7.96% 7/31/2012  










Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBE)

DBEs are businesses that meet federal certification requirements including ownership by women or minorities.  All prime contractors working on the CCLRT project have individual requirements for DBE participation in their contracts, based on the type of work performed and the availability of subcontractors. 

The most recent data available on progress towards individual goals is shown in Table 2 below:

Table 2
Contractor  of contract to DBEs – GOAL of contract paid to DBEs to date % of contract completed Cumulative work done through
Ames/McCrossan 15% 15.21% 51.20% 6/15/2012
Walsh 15% 18.15% 67.35% 6/25/2012
Aldridge/Collisys 15% 7.81% 22.40% 5/31/2012
PCL 5.9% 4.38% 30.20% 5/25/2012









Both tables reflect the most recent data available. As the construction season continues, the Funders Collaborative will continue to provide periodic updates on DBE and workforce inclusion goal attainment.

For more information or for specific questions please contact Wanda Kirkpatrick, the Chairwoman of the Joint Committee on Equal Opportunity and Disadvantaged Business Enterprises at