Defining Affordable Housing Goals for the Central Corridor

May 17, 2011

By Gretchen Nicholls, Twin Cities LISC

Preserving and strengthening the availability of affordable housing is a priority for the Central Corridor. A lot of work toward that end has already been done, but what’s lacking is a coordinated plan that brings synergy to this wide range of effort.

With the support of the Central Corridor Funders Collaborative, the Cities of Saint Paul and Minneapolis will join with the Twin Cities Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC) to facilitate a process that provides a Central Corridor Affordable Housing Coordinated Plan.

This process will build on the good work of many different organizations, taking it to the next level. We’ll gather best practice examples of how other regions across the country have addressed affordable housing needs along fixed rail transit lines. From an inventory of existing affordable rental housing provided by the Housing Preservation Project and Housing Link, we’ll create Central Corridor maps that describe:

  • demographic information
  • zoning and regulatory requirements
  • community amenities
  • unique character for each station area
  • finance tools

We’ll also synthesize current city and community plans and policies related to affordable housing along the corridor to figure out which goals, strategies, and policies will most support success… and how can we work together to get it done. And we’ll hold a series of community-wide forums this summer to listen to the priorities of community groups, and get their feedback on options. 

All this data and information will be gathered over the next month, at which point a Project Team composed of government, finance, community and development sectors will review it and vet its feasibility. We expect to issue a final report in November 2011.

Please join us in this important conversation. Help focus and clarify affordable housing goals for the full stretch of the Central Corridor, and learn about other national models and financing tools that may strengthen local efforts.

Details and schedules about this process will be available in the Affordable Housing working group section on the Central Corridor Funders Collaborative web site. For more information, contact Gretchen Nicholls, Twin Cities LISC, at 651-265-2280 or by email.