Funders Collaborative awards final grants in February 2016

April 14, 2016

The Funders Collaborative finalized its grant making in February 2016, awarding 7 grants totaling $302,890.  Since the Funders Collaborative began grantmaking in 2008, we have invested $11,965,078 in more than 160 grants to support work advancing affordable housing, a strong local economy, vibrant transit oriented places, and collaboration/coordination along the Green Line.  For a complete list of investments, click here.

Our final grants included:

Strong Local Economy

The Asian Economic Development Association received a $15,000 investment to support an artist-entrepreneur incubator space at AEDA’s new office on the Green Line.

The Project for Pride in Living received a $186,140 investment to support the Hamline Station Job Skills Plus project that will provide financial and employment coaching to affordable housing residents.

Vibrant Transit-Oriented Places

The Aurora Saint Anthony Neighborhood Development Corporation received a $20,000 investment to support a growing Rondo Roundtable and an artist organizer to support this and related work.

The Local Initiatives Support Corporation received a $30,000 investment to support the Central Corridor as Cultural Corridor cohort.

The Saint Paul Riverfront Corporation received a $23,000 investment to support design review and community engagement at the Snelling-Midway site.

The West Bank Business Association received a $12,000 investment to support a West Bank business directory, marketing, and wayfinding.

Effective Coordination and Collaboration

The District Councils’ Collaborative of Minneapolis and Saint Paul received a $16,750 investment to support Dr. Mindy Fullilove’s work in Rondo and documentation of the DCC’s work and learnings.