Funders Collaborative grants $450K in third quarter of 2011

October 12, 2011 by Funders Collaborative

In the third quarter of 2011, the Funders Collaborative awarded nine grants totaling nearly $450,000. The grants support three of four Funders Collaborative goals, including the creation of a Strong Local Economy, Vibrant Transit-Oriented Places, and Effective Coordination and Collaboration.

A few highlights from Q3 include:


The Central Corridor Business Resources Collaborative, one of five Funders Collaborative partners, received $91,000 to support the convening and staffing of the BRC for 2011-2012, as it implements its Strategic Workplan and measures results. The BRC is a partnership of business coalitions, nonprofit community developers and local and regional governments. Find updates and resources related to the BRC  on the Funders Collaborative website.


$100,000 was awarded to Enterprise Community Partners to support a three-year Enterprise Rose Architectural Fellow at the Central Corridor Design Center.


Nexus Community Partners will receive a $20,000 grant to support the creation of an equity cohort around the 2011 PolicyLink Equity Summit, which will take place November 8-11 in Detroit, Michigan. This year’s summit, “Healthy Communities, Strong Regions, A Properous America”, is the fourth national PolicyLink Summit, bringing together the nation’s equity movement—including advocates, activists, policymakers, foundation officials, and equity leaders—to advance a shared vision for more sustainable and equitable  development with access to jobs, transportation, education, health, and housing for all.
In 2011 alone, the Funders Collaborative has made 19 grants worth $1,268,000, bringing the overall total to 56 grants worth $4.4M within four key areas, including Access to Affordable Housing, Strong Local Economy, Vibrant Transit-Oriented Places, and Coordination and Collaboration. For a full list of investments, click here.