Funders Collaborative Grants $90K in Second Quarter of 2015

July 22, 2015


In the second quarter of 2015, the Funders Collaborative awarded 4 grants totaling $90,000 to advance our goals of building a strong local economy, creating vibrant transit-oriented places, and promoting effective coordination and collaboration. The grants awarded this quarter include:

Strong Local Economy

The Midway Chamber of Commerce Foundation received a $61,000 investment to support the Green Line Marketing Collaborative to activate the “On the Greenline” marketing resources.

Vibrant Transit-Oriented Places

The Saint Paul Riverfront Corporation received a $5,000 investment to support the fourth annual Placemaking Residency.

Effective Coordination and Collaboration

The Transit of Livable Communities received a $19,000 investment to support the Transportation Leadership Certification for non-profits to encourage greater transit use along the Green Line.

The Urban Land Institute received a $5,000 investment to support the national Housing Opportunity 2015 conference in Minneapolis.

To date, the Funders Collaborative has made 148 grants, totaling over $11M in four key areas: Access to Affordable Housing, Strong Local Economy, Vibrant Transit-Oriented Places and Coordination and Collaboration. For a complete list of investments, click here.