Funders Collaborative grants nearly $100k in second quarter 2014

July 30, 2014

In the second quarter of 2014, the Funders Collaborative awarded four grants totaling $95,600. The grants support the Funders Collaborative goal of creating Vibrant Transit-Oriented Places. 

The grants awarded this quarter under Vibrant Transit-Oriented Places include:

The Cedar Cultural Center received a $50,000 investment to support the construction of the Cedar Cultural Center’s outdoor performance space.

The Union Park District Council received a $20,000 investment to support a 10-year district plan for Union Park building off of the Central Corridor Development Strategy

The Aurora/St. Anthony Neighborhood Development Center received $20,000 to support bicycling and walking block clubs.

The Alliance for Metropolitan Stability was awarded $5,600 to support the making of the documentary titled “Stops for Us”.

To date, the Funders Collaborative has made 131 grants totaling over $9.9M in four key areas: Access to Affordable Housing, Strong Local Economy, Vibrant Transit-Oriented Places and Coordination and Collaboration. For a complete list of investments, click here.