Funders Collaborative releases 2015 Business Mitigation Case Study

January 14, 2016


As the Central Corridor Funders Collaborative prepares to sunset this June, we are reflecting on, documenting, and sharing the lessons learned over the past eight years.  “Prepare, Survive, Thrive: A collaborative approach to small business support and construction mitigation on the Green Line” is the final installment in our series of reports about the work of the Business Resources Collaborative (BRC).  While previous reports have documented program results and the perspectives of business owners receiving BRC services, “Prepare, Survive, Thrive” shares the experiences of and lessons from the organizations and individuals leading the work during a contentious and exciting time in our region’s history.  This case study provides unique insights into:

  • Working with a diverse set of public and non-profit partners who have different goals and approaches;
  • Staging work so that people can learn, plan, and then act together; and
  • Building relationships and feedback loops among partners, businesses, and the community to continually improve service delivery.

To read the case study, click here.

Throughout 2016, we will be sharing additional lessons from partners in various fields and focus areas, so stay tuned!