Green Line-wide Park Approach Being Developed

By: Jenna Fletcher, The Trust for Public Land
July 3, 2013

Before the Green Line cars start to roll next year, we must consider how we shape and activate public spaces around the light rail line. What amenities will attract businesses and residents and encourage them to choose locations near stations (beyond the obvious convenience of transit)? How do we incentivize developers to include amenities that benefit the larger public realm?

The Green Line corridor is already beginning to evolve and redevelop, and to best serve current and future transit riders, residents, business owners and more, it is important to ensure that new amenities are concurrently developed.  One way this is happening is through a new initiative funded by Central Corridor Funders Collaborative focused on integration of parks and commons into the Green Line corridor.

It is widely known that publicly accessible green and public spaces are amenities that entice private development around them.  In addition to stimulating local development, parks and green space can increase foot traffic and customers for area businesses and revitalize neighborhoods. 

To increase the availability of parks and green space, the Green Line Parks and Commons initiative is reviewing policy and funding approaches for green space to assure better alignment with the expected redevelopment in the corridor. The Green Line Parks and Commons Initiative will explore both public and private green space opportunities, and address the relatively new arena of encouraging private developers to incorporate green spaces and plazas into their plans.

As part of the effort, a collaborative group is exploring innovative park implementation approaches, e.g. incorporating stormwater management approaches within park spaces, partnerships with major institutions along the Green Line, and reactivating underutilized parks such as Dickerman Park and Iris Park that front the Green Line.

The initiative will lead to identification of new implementation approaches for parks and commons, ideas that will be included in a Green Line Parks & Commons Playbook. The audience for the playbook includes city policy leaders, property owners, and developers. The Playbook will outline strategies and recommendations for implementation of a coordinated system of parks and commons, addressing the topics of financing, incentives, ownership and stewardship to achieve the desired availability of parks and commons in the corridor.


For more information, contact Jenna Fletcher – The Trust for Public Land, Project Manager for the Green Line Parks & Commons initiative. or 651-999-5306