Heavy Table’s Green Line Checklist restaurant review series

May 26, 2016

ipho-noodle-slurpingUnfamiliar with the Central Corridor restaurant scene?  With support from the Funders Collaborative, The Heavy Table, an online daily magazine focused on food and restaurants, has embarked on a 75-restaurant “Green Line Checklist.”  Beginning in February, each installment offers authentic and entertaining impressions that include restaurant owners’ personal stories, beautiful photographs and artwork, and a review of the food, service, and ambiance.

Over the last seven installments, the dedicated diners at Heavy Table have traveled along the Green Line from east to west, starting at 88 Oriental Foods and recently, wrapping up their latest installment at Ngon Bistro.

johnny-babys-fried-foodClick the links below to discover restaurants along the Green Line:

Green Line Checklist (Installments published February 17 – March 2)

Green Line Checklist (Installments published March 16 – ongoing)

Photo Credits:

WACSO / Heavy Table (upper left featuring iPho by Saigon)

Becca Dilley / Heavy Table (lower right featuring Johnny Baby’s)