Making ‘home’ better: Leverage art, culture, creativity, diversity

By: Erik Takeshita, Deputy Director, Twin Cities LISC
Original story appeared on MinnPost on May 24, 2012. Special thanks to MinnPost. 

We all read about the many national “Top Ten” lists Minneapolis-St. Paul shows up on—just recently, the best city for biking, the most peaceful city, and the best city for women residents. But let’s not get complacent.

Recently, Charles Landry, one of the world’s leading experts on cities was here sharing his thoughts on how to strengthen Minneapolis-St. Paul as world-class region by leveraging art, culture, creativity and diversity to accelerate both economic and social growth.

Landry spent time in both downtowns and in several neighborhoods. He spoke with more than 1,000 people during his seven-day residency, including political and corporate leaders, neighborhood residents, and business owners. His seasoned advice leaves us all – as the developers of our community – something to think about. Highlights include:

  • Maximize the contributions of all people and all places.
  • Make the region, city or neighborhood the project. 
  • Focus on the value; invest in the future.
  • Make something happen.
  • Make the invisible visible.

Please visit MinnPost to read the full story on building great neighborhoods and cities, and strengthening our world-class, 21st century Minneapolis-St. Paul region.