Nice Ride Minnesota Bike Share Continues Expansion Along the Central Corridor

by Ellen Apel, Nice Ride Minnesota
April 4, 2012

Through our mild winter, the message was received over and over to bring the bikes back to the streets! In the past few weeks, Nice Ride Minnesota has been hard at work to get the green bikes out as soon as possible. Stations began appearing on streets March 26 and the bikes will not be far behind. Nice Ride plans to complete system testing soon, and may activate the bikes the week of April 2. In anticipation, Nice Ride bikes were found frozen in blocks of ice throughout the Twin Cities earlier this spring. Just a reminder that warmer weather would soon melt all the ice away, in time for the Twin Cities to grab summer by the handlebars.

Launched in 2010, Nice Ride Minnesota started with 700 bikes and 65 stations. Almost doubling those numbers in 2011 led Nice Ride to expand into St. Paul, reaching north to the St. Paul U of M Campus and Hamline, south to Grand Ave, and east to Dale Street. In 2012, Nice Ride will continue that movement and place more than 30 additional stations, primarily in downtown St. Paul. Also, with funding from the National Park Services, additional stations will be placed along the Mississippi River in Minneapolis and St. Paul. Nice Ride will also strive to increase the number of trips in the system. In 2011, total trips numbered 217,530.

Nice Ride is now looking for great non-profit partners in North Minneapolis, Phillips, Cedar-Riverside, and Frogtown neighborhoods to collaborate on the Target sponsored program, Nice Ride with Your Neighborhood. This program focuses on bringing the hands-on experience of Nice Ride to under-served communities through bike rides and complimentary Nice Ride subscriptions. Nice Ride seeks partners to guide engagement with their communities, to promote bike share usage in their neighborhoods, and assist in distribution of complimentary 1-Year Subscriptions. For additional information, please email

Bike share has certainly taken hold in the United States over the past few years. It’s difficult to find a major city that doesn’t have or isn’t considering building a bike share system. These systems help reduce motor traffic, are easy on fossil fuels, and provide a healthy, active, fun transportation alternative. Using a bike share system like Nice Ride is easy. Simply subscribe at the 1-Year, 30-Day or 24-Hour level. Your subscription provides access to any bike at any station for unlimited rides during your subscription period. Although each bike share works a little differently, most systems charge Trip Fees. With Nice Ride, if you keep the bike undocked for longer than 30 minutes, Trip Fees apply. It’s easy to avoid Trip Fees – just dock the bike at any station and check out another. Within seconds, you’re on your way. To find more about Nice Ride Minnesota and to become a member, go to 24-Hour Subscriptions can always be purchased at any Nice Ride station.

More Nice Ride updates for 2012:

  • Several stations have shifted locations. Be sure and check the map at or use your mobile device to access to find the most up to date locations.
  • We’ve switched to “tax included” pricing. 1-Year Subscriptions are now $65/$55 and 24-Hour Subscriptions are $6. Tax included!
  • 24-Hour Subscribers can now have up to 4 riders on the same credit/debit card.
  • A security hold is no longer required for 24-Hour Subscriptions.
  • Nice Ride helmets will be given to members and interested communities throughout the season.

Hope to see you on a green bike!