Signs of Progress Series: Asian Economic Development Association Director Va-Megn Thoj

The new vitality that’s developing along the Central Corridor comes from something more than the fresh concrete and shiny steel of the Green Line. Communities are transforming themselves — by learning together, coordinating across boundaries and working for impacts that benefit everyone.

At the Annual Stakeholder event in April, seven representatives of these efforts talked to other community stakeholders about the process and impact of the changes we see unfolding across the corridor. This is the third in a series of blogs featuring these signs of opportunity. Watch a short video clip of remarks by Asian Economic Development Association Executive Director, Va-Megn Thoj, and see below for a summary of his remarks.











Va-Megn gives an overview of the Little Mekong Business and Cultural District from the early planning stages in 2008 to the official launch in 2012. The District has 2 goals: 1) to increase the awareness of the Little Mekong brand, which focuses on good food and a unique cultural experience and 2) to increase customer visits to the district and its businesses. In less than a year, they have raised the visibility of the district and brought in thousands of new customers, even during the difficult construction season.

Va-Megn is optimistic about the future as more business and property owners are recognizing the coming opportunities and making sure that their businesses are ready. With sustained efforts and a focus on placemaking, this trend of increased visibility and new customers will continue. Most importantly, he sees businesses and property owners starting to see themselves as part of a larger community and working together to create a place that more people will want to visit.       

Watch for upcoming posts featuring more highlights from the event.