Signs of Progress Series: Model Cities, Inc. CEO Beverley Oliver Hawkins

The new vitality that’s developing along the Central Corridor comes from something more than the fresh concrete and shiny steel of the Green Line. Communities are transforming themselves — by learning together, coordinating across boundaries and working for impacts that benefit everyone.

At the Annual Stakeholder event in April, seven representatives of these efforts talked to other community stakeholders about the process and impact of the changes we see unfolding across the corridor. This is the fourth in a series of blogs featuring these signs of opportunity. Watch a short video clip of remarks by Model Cities, Inc. CEO Beverley Oliver Hawkins, and see below for a summary.












Beverley acknowledged the many years of hard work and determination that led to the successful Frogtown Square project as that work has led to more investment, including the Model Cities TOD redevelopment projects. 

The redevelopment projects include two sites: the Brownstone and Central Exchange sites.  They are traditional TOD projects which include 15,000 sq ft of commercial space and about 60 residential units. There are several unique aspects of the projects that are collectively called “Sustainable Spaces”. A few of these aspects include green infrastructure, pocket parks, urban gardening and a celebration of the role of African Americans in the rail system through public art. 

Beverley concluded that just as the Frogtown Square project has been a catalyst for its neighborhood, she is hopeful that the Model Cities projects will also catalyze future investment.