Making the most of the opportunities along the Green Line required collaboration and coordination over a sustained period among many different stakeholders across a large transit corridor. The inherent challenges of working together are made even more complex by differences in focus on specific issues, neighborhoods or jurisdictions, and even culture and language.

The goals of the Funders Collaborative were to:

  • Enhance recognition of shared goals and strategic opportunities.
  • Keep resident and stakeholder groups informed, engaged and working together.
  • Reduce potential conflicts.
  • Increase the impact of foundation and stakeholder resources.
  • Advance progress toward shared goals.

The principles of coordination and collaboration weave throughout all of the Funders Collaborative work; however, we supported one working group in this area and a variety of other related investments:

  • Investment Framework Working Group
  • Other Investments
    • East Metro Strong
    • Fostering East Side Transit Equity Conversations
    • “From There to Here” an exhibit at the Minnesota Museum of American Art
    • Scholarships for MSP residents to attend national conferences
    • Storytelling through multiple media
    • Transportation Leadership Certification
    • Trusted Advocate Community Engagement Pilot