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Integrating green space along the Green Line LRT Corridor can stimulate local development, increase foot traffic and customers for area businesses, and improve neighborhoods, thus helping to create sustainable communities.  

See this fun video that captures, via timelapse, the creation of Mekong Plaza as part of Open Streets St. Paul in September 2013.  This is one of the demonstration projects conducted as part of the Green Line Parks & Commons initiative. 

The Green Line Parks and Commons group is convening businesses, nonprofits, developers, governmental representatives and others to work toward shared understanding of how to integrate green space and common public gathering space in the corridor, based on existing community plans. Additionally, we will identify opportunities for incentivizing parks and commons through policies and programs. This initiative will explore both public and private green space opportunities, and address the relatively new arena of encouraging private developers to incorporate green spaces and plazas.  

Our process includes the following components:  

  • Promote economic development by creating a multi-sector stakeholder collaborative process to consider the Green Line Corridor as a whole and develop an achievable, action-oriented strategy for open space in connected nodes of the corridor.  
  • Provide tangible examples by developing case studies of innovative approaches to urban park development as part of redevelopment efforts.  
  • Showcase the potential for public and privately developed parks by conducting a “parks and commons opportunities walk”
  • Showcase innovative park approaches through two-three demonstration sites.  Incorporate stormwater management “stacked function” principles in one or both sites.
  • Understand the drivers of private development of publicly-accessible commons by working with developers and examine new policy and public-private approaches that encourage publicly accessible commons areas.