Job Access / Corridors 2 Careers

The Corridors 2 Careers project focused on working with:

  • Unemployed and underemployed corridor residents in four neighborhoods to understand their employment needs, skills and career aspirations.
  • Existing community and workforce resources to provide support, connections, training, and/or credentials that meet identified business and job seeker needs.
  • Corridor-based businesses in three growing industry sectors (healthcare, manufacturing, and logistics and trucking) to understand their hiring needs, trends, and skill requirement for entry-level occupations with career-laddering potential.
  • Business and job seeker needs/information to improve workforce and economic development systems; and inform policymakers and others by creating meaningful feedback loops.

The project focused on cultivating better relationships between residents, workforce providers, and employers.

In the first phase, working with Ramsey County, the District Councils Collaborative hosted a Connector Team to work directly with unemployed and underemployed residents to share knowledge about available resources to help them gain and maintain employment.

Connectors also identified barriers that individual communities may experience when seeking employment opportunities that offer family-supporting wages and helped locate the best tools and strategies to support residents in achieving their goals. Connector outreach was focused on five primary geographic areas within the Central Corridor including:

  • Frogtown, Saint Paul
  • Summit-University, Saint Paul
  • Skyline Tower, Saint Paul
  • Glendale Townhomes Community, Minneapolis
  • Cedar-Riverside, Minneapolis

In the second phase, Goodwill-EasterSeals continued the Connector model, providing job search services to 158 individuals, connecting 18 individuals to training opportunities, making 71 new job placements and improving residents’ monthly income by a total average of 130%.


The following activities are the components of Corridors 2 Careers strategy:

  • Identify and analyze existing businesses; their current and emerging business needs that serve as economic drivers, and the subsequent job skills requirements and projected job vacancies.
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