Other Investments

HIRE Minnesota Workforce Forecasting Tool: HIRE Minnesota is a coalition of 70+ organizations (led by Summit Academy OIC) that works to ensure that public investments in infrastructure lift people out of poverty and reduce racial disparities.  In partnership with the Minnesota Department of Human Rights, who (along with the Metropolitan Council) enforces the workforce requirements on the Green Line project, HIRE MN developed a tool to forecast the remaining hours available on a contract and compare them against past performances of employing women and people of color.  It provides proactive notice of difficulty meeting workforce goals in enough time to address the issue.

Saint Paul TOD Manager:  The Funders Collaborative provided support for a newly created Transit-Oriented Development Manager position at the City of Saint Paul to facilitate transit-oriented economic development along all of the City’s transitways but particularly the Green Line.

University Avenue Urban Manufacturing Study: In 2012, University United, SPARC, and Saint Anthony Park Community Council undertook a market study to analyze the viability of a non-profit real estate developer purchasing and redeveloping a 50,000 square feet industrial facility to function for small manufacturers, artisans, and artists in the Twin Cities region.