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Tracking Outcomes In The Corridor

Established in 2011, the Central Corridor Tracker annually measures progress toward making the Corridor a place of opportunity for all. The Tracker focuses on change within the region and specific indicators of change in four categories:

  • Ensuring access to affordable housing
  • Building a strong local economy
  • Creating vibrant transit-oriented places
  • Promoting effective coordination and collaboration

The Tracker evolves as new data become available. New measures added in a given year relate back to the 2011 baseline year, before construction began on the light rail line, but prior reports are not restated. 

Central Corridor Tracker 2014

Central Corridor Tracker (2013)

Central Corridor Tracker (2012)

Central Corridor Tracker (2011)

The Tracker summarizes a more detailed outcomes report compiled by Wilder Research. Starting with the 2013 edition, the Indicators Report supplements the corridor-wide view with breakouts of six major neighborhood segments of the Corridor. It also contains analysis and more detail on data and sources.

Central Corridor Key Outcomes-Indictators (2014)

Central Corridor Key Outcomes-Indicators (2013)

Central Corridor Key Outcomes- Indicators (2012)

Central Corridor Key Outcomes- Baseline Indicators (2011)