Vibrant Places

Light rail transit is not just about moving trains; it’s about how the trains connect people to places and the opportunities they offer. The Funders Collaborative encouraged transit-oriented places with a mix of important ingredients:

  • Destinations we need or want to visit — university campuses, downtowns and other shopping and employment centers.
  • Easy connections with other modes of travel, whether via bus, bicycle, or walking.
  • Unique destinations — commercial districts, streets, parks and public squares — that evoke distinctive heritage and culture, celebrate diversity and help to retain current residents and draw new residents, visitors, and investment.
  • Designs that create opportunities for healthier and more active lifestyles and make the corridor safe for all users, including pedestrians and bicyclists, residents and visitors, young and old.

The Funders Collaborative supported three working groups in this area and a variety of other significant investments around arts and culture, transportation choices, 3 stations at Hamline, Victoria, and Western, and station area planning.