Friendly Streets Initiative

The Friendly Streets Initiative works to create more vibrant, livable neighborhoods and healthier communities along the Green Line by transforming streets into places that are more friendly – i.e. safe and inviting for residents and all users – and connected, especially to the Green Line LRT.

Based on the successful Charles Avenue Friendly Streets Initiative, this group expanded its efforts to include the Saint Paul neighborhoods along the Green Line LRT: Saint Anthony Park, Union Park, Hamline Midway, Frogtown, Summit-University, and Downtown.

The Friendly Streets Initiative works with individual District Councils to customize strategies and is a team of nine organizers and data analysts.


The Friendly Streets Initiative model includes the following elements, which have been customized and adjusted to reflect the interests, concerns, needs and culture within each neighborhood:

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Reports & Resources

  • Friendly Streets Initiative website
  • For every project, the Friendly Streets Initiative: collects opinions about street concepts surveying residents and businesses, carries out demographic analyses, researches claims about particular streets made by public and other agencies, examines street conditions, takes field notes at events, and conducts interviews and focus group research.
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